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SME Business Consulting

Whether a business is referred to as a micro business, small business, SME (small to medium-sized enterprise) or SMB (small to medium-sized business), the goal is the same for any businessman — increase operational efficiency, exploit the profits, and give the SME business that extra boost. But the owners of SME business usually can’t do it alone. They need experts and professional consultancy to help them achieve their goals and streamline operations.

At ESPAC, we provide solutions for business intelligence and analytics. Our experienced professionals and experts work together to provide top-notch CFO Service consultancy to our clients and that too within the agreed timelines. We offer our esteemed CFO Service to MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), SMEs, High Net-worth Individuals as well as corporates.

One of the concerns that is probably keeping a company from growing the way it would like

CFO Services

Maybe the company is not able to get the correct numbers together or may be identifying the biggest risk and strongest opportunity the business faces is a challenge in itself. The business wants to follow a steady roadmap to growth and have a sound financial health. But it is just not able to!

Maybe the accounting resource is inexperienced to generate the kind of reports it needs to push the business to the next progress path.

The business is contemplating to hire a financial officer who is experienced in their field of business and someone who can provide the senior management valuable information to see the growth spurt in the next financial cycle. But experienced CFO is expensive to hire and also going to be a big monetary expense for the growing company.

But this growing company has an alternative that can provide it a team of financial specialists who are expert in industry at about half the cost of hiring a fulltime CFO. This is where CFO services help.

With ESPAC CFO service, a company can gain all the proficiency it needs to take care of its business needs and help save time in searching for the perfect CFO your company needs. Be it reporting accountability or financial management; strategic decisions or raising more capital. With ESPAC, it can think of hiring a CFO Service which offers the best opportunity to achieve financial growth goals, and to do so swiftly and more prudently.

Our CFO Service will comprehend the business needs and the industry trends and help the company understand where its business stands and where it is headed. While a CFO Service will not directly oversee its IT department, it certainly will work with that function to put in place proper precautions and meet its software needs. That’s not all; our CFO Service will generate budget and financial projections for the company too.

We at ESPAC strive to develop a business plan, suggest organizational changes and help business ‘learn –unlearn’ systems, tools and processes which help them improve efficiency. We also take a strategic view of our client’s financial challenges and deliver customized solution

We strive to offer best-in-class customized Financial Advisory & Consultancy Service to our clients and help them realize their aspirations and goals.


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At ESPAC, we create happy investors by understanding the hopes and ambitions of our clients and helping them along the way. Take advantage of our experts to invest in mutual funds, stocks, get covered in reliable insurance plans that are best in the industry. Think about mutual funds or equity stocks or insurance plans or home loans or SME consulting, we urge you to explore our experience in this fields and unravel opportunities to generate wealth and better manage your financial health.