Mutual Funds

Earning money is hard,
Maintaining & growing it is harder

Mutual Funds

We all want to make money, maintain good savings, and achieve our financial objectives. We all need to create wealth, plan for out retirement and plan for our child’s future. But, as we all know, it’s not that easy. We at ESPAC, believe be it conventional urgencies or unconventional dreams, no aspiration should remain neglected due to lack of financial planning or due to wrong financial assessments. Thus, it is advisable to have priorities and an investment option to meet these priorities. As an investment services firm, we believe that Mutual funds offer investors a great way to diversify their holdings instantly. Investing in mutual funds is as easy as it can be. Investing in the best mutual funds is simple with ESPAC! Start your mutual funds SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) now and invest for a better future!

At ESPAC, we believe in providing you with the best digital solution so that you attain your goal easily and in the fastest manner possible. Should you wish to start your goal saving plan, feel free to get in touch with us and we shall be glad to assist you.

Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation is done to achieve Financial Freedom or Financial Independence. Financial independence is the status of having enough income to pay one’s living expenses for the rest of one’s life without having to be employed or dependent on others. Income earned without having to work a job is commonly referred to as passive income. Your monthly income is going to stop some day and it can suffocate you going forward as you might have to give up on things you love due to the financial constraints.

To secure your future, to be able to do what you love in life, to enjoy a better lifestyle, to be financially independent and most importantly have peace of mind are enough reasons for you to start saving and create wealth!

Reach us to help you envision your aspirations and what kind of life you are looking to lead in the coming years. Allow us to assist you plan for your wealth! Get in touch with our experts now

Child Education

As education costs rise each day, parents who want to assure a good education for their children have to shell out more than before and it often costs a huge financial burden on the family resources.

Investing in a child education plan from the very beginning can ensure that such anxieties do not crop up when the child is actually in need of money. Financing in a child education plan also ensures that the child’s aspirations and dreams are also fulfilled, even if the parent is no longer around.

A well-thought and focused planning with help of our experts, it is possible to have a seamless financial planning for your child’s education plan.

Retirement Planning

In most cases, one does not plan to work until the day one dies.
We all have dreamt of an ideal and dream retirement life, spending relaxed evenings with our dear ones on a porch or a balcony or off traveling the world. But it essentially takes vigilant financial planning for these dreams to be realized.

We all should consider the fact that with advanced medical research and availability of medicines life expectancy is high and one cannot work forever. In some cases the old age can bring about more financial burdens than you ever faced in the past or present. With privatization, the reliability on government pension is on the decline too and it’s unfair to depend on your loved ones and expect them to take responsibility of your well-being.
Having said that, retirement planning is important today! Not tomorrow and not in the near future!

The earlier you start the better it is. We at ESPAC believe that accumulating the funds you need for a comfortable retirement takes time and one needs to start early. Our experts can help you start developing your retirement plan today.


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