Fixed Deposits

Did you know that you can also place fixed deposits with non-banking finance companies (NBFCs)?

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Fixed Deposits

FD is one of the oldest & safest investment options through which people can earn relatively higher interest rate in comparison to a regular savings account. Interest is accumulated on the deposited amount over a fixed period of time. In the case of an emergency, you can easily liquidate your FD and get the funds. Despite the flood of investment options, Bank FDs continue to be a preferred choice of many cautious investors. The simplicity of the bank fixed deposit makes it a favorite among every Indian household.

But did you know that you can also place deposits with non-banking finance companies (NBFCs)? Such deposits are known as Corporate FD or Company FDs. Corporate FD or the company FD is a fixed deposit offered by various non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). 

Just like a Bank fixed deposit, corporate fixed deposit or company fixed deposit offers fixed and predictable returns. You can place corporate fixed deposits offline with ESPAC by submitting the required form and KYC details. Also, these deposits can be placed online through direct investment links available on the ESPAC website.

With ESPAC, you will invest in company fixed deposits from leading corporate houses. Every company fixed deposit that is on offer is meticulously verified by ESPAC’s specialists. Coupled with a flexibility to choose investment amount, tenure, interest payment and maturity periods, investing in company fixed deposits through ESPAC is a seamless experience.

If you are looking for quality Company FDs to be added to your investment portfolio, we suggest you get in touch with our ESPAC experts!


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